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Tulsa, Oklahoma

Riverview Neighborhood Association





The culmination of the famous three day Saint Francis Tulsa Tough cycling event takes place at the notorious "Cry Baby Hill" where steep slopes along Riverside make for slow climbs - and fast descents. The Riverview Neighborhood Association is the proud home of Cry Baby Hill; a grueling course that tests even the fittest of racers and distinguishes the "Tulsa Tough." Crowds throng to the hill to cheer on racers in an event that has been described as the location where Mardi Gras meets the Tour de France.  

Oil, grease, cadmium, lead, and other toxins add to the impaired state of the Arkansas River. The river at that location is on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) list of impaired waterways. One of the ways to clean up our river is to implement Low Impact Development (LID) or Green Infrastructure (GI) practices which are methods that slow down and filter stormwater run-off. Cry Baby Hill Plaza will utilize several LID techniques to contribute to lower stormwater flows and a healthier watershed. Curb cuts, permeable pavement, and bioswales will redirect stormwater and put it to beneficial use for plant material while filtering the suspended solids.  At the low point of the rain garden, the Focal Point water treatment system will filter any remaining contaminants prior to sending the water to the Arkansas River. The existing storm drain system will still remain in place and handle any overflow in large storm events if the rain garden were to become overwhelmed.