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6th Street – Peoria to Rockford

About This Project

The proposed design incorporates the desires of the community and would create a pedestrian oriented space. The two main concerns with the 2010 Elm Creek design that we resolved with our proposed design are the circulation between a water feature in the center of the street with traffic on either side, and the idea that the proposed design includes all impervious surface with no regard to stormwater run-off. Although the character sketch of the site invokes a pedestrian friendly feeling, the section and perspective of the site show that accessing the canal would require crossing traffic without much space for enjoyment near the edge of the canal. Currently, the site experiences flooding issues, which has resulted in plans for major stormwater infrastructure techniques. While effective at managing water, the design does not assist in the quality or reduced quantity of stormwater run-off in the area.

Services Provided

Low Impact Development, Conceptual Design, Marketing Graphics


Tulsa, Oklahoma


Private Developer, Design Competition (2nd Place)